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Directions to Saratoga Springs

From the North: Take I-87 south to Exit 15. Turn right onto Rt. 50. The intersection of Rt. 50 and Broadway brings you to downtown Saratoga.


From the South: Take I-87 north to Exit 13N. Turn right onto Rt. 9 north. Stay on Rt. 9, which first becomes South Broadway, then Broadway, then North Broadway.


From the East: Take Rt. 29 west to the intersection of Rt. 29 (Lake Avenue) and Rt. 9 (Broadway).


From the West: Take Rt. 29 east to the intersection of Rt. 29 (Washington Avenue) and Rt. 9 (Broadway).


To Franklin Square: From Broadway, turn west onto Division Street and drive two blocks west.


To Congress Plaza: From Broadway, turn west on Congress Street, drive two blocks and turn left into Congrass Plaza.


To Beekman Street Artists Cooperative: Turn left from Broadway onto Congress Street (across from Congress Park). Go west for .3 mile, turn left onto Beekman Street.

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