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Where do I use my DBA Gift Certificate?

One of the most unique gifts you can give/get is a DBA Gift Certificate. You can spend this gift certificate at any participating businesses in downtown. This means it can be spent at a restaurant or a clothing store, or a wine bar... You can get ice cream or margaritas...

For a full list of current participating businesses keep scrolling.

Gift certificates can be purchased in person at Adirondack Trust Company Branches with cash or check.

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(While many DBA Member Businesses participate in the DBA Gift Certificate Program and accept DBA gift certificates in exchange for goods and services, please understand that all of our members are independent businesses and may elect not to participate. Prior to using a DBA gift certificate, calling the business to confirm participation is recommended.)

Here is a look at all the current participating businesses

  1. 9 Miles East Farm

  2. 15 Church

  3. Alpine Sport Shop

  4. Bailey's Café

  5. Beef Jerky Outlet

  6. Ben & Jerry's

  7. Boca Bistro

  8. Burger Fi

  9. BWP –Beer Wine Pizza

  10. Cantina

  11. Caroline & Main

  12. Celtic Treasures

  13. Chianti Il Ristorante

  14. Clancy’s Tavern

  15. Common Thread

  16. Compton's Restaurant

  17. Country Corner Café

  18. Crafters Gallery

  19. Cudney's Launderers

  20. Dark Horse Mercantile

  21. de Jonghe Original Jewelry

  22. Encounter

  23. 30 Lake

  24. Four Seasons

  25. G. Willikers

  26. HatSational

  27. Il Forno of Saratoga

  28. iRun LOCAL

  29. Impressions of Saratoga

  30. Irene Leigh

  31. Lifestyles of Saratoga

  32. Longfellows

  33. Piper Boutique

  34. Prime at Saratoga National

  35. Putnam Market

  36. Purdy’s Liquor

  37. Pro Nails

  38. Robin Lauder Living

  39. Saratoga Dance

  40. Saratoga Olive Oil

  41. Saratoga Saddlery

  42. Saratoga Sweets Candy Co

  43. Scallions

  44. Silverado

  45. Soave Faire

  46. Sperry’s Restaurant

  47. Spoken Boutique

  48. Tailgate & Party Shop

  49. The Local Pub & Teahouse, LLC

  50. Uncommon Grounds

  51. Violets of Saratoga

  52. Walt & Whitman

  53. Wheatfields

  54. The Wine Bar

  55. Olde Bryan Inn

  56. Malta Farm & Garden

  57. McDonald's of So. Broadway

  58. Menges & Curtis

  59. Mountainman Outdoor

  60. Union Supply Co.

  61. N. Fox Jewelers

  62. Northshire Bookstore


Prior to using a DBA gift certificate, calling the business to confirm participation is recommended.

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