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The Beagle School

The Beagle School was chartered in 1972 by a group of dedicated and energetic parents who had a special vision of early childhood education. The philosophy of our school is derived from the exploration, discovery, and the sense of wonder that belonged to Charles Darwin and his ship, the HMS Beagle. For over forty years, the Beagle School has provided an exceptional experience for young children in the Saratoga Springs, NY region. 

The mission of The Beagle School is to provide a quality early education experience that fosters the sense of wonder and discovery that naturally exists in all children. The Beagle School stresses the importance of learning through play. Our preschool program offerings reflect our emphasis on a play-based curriculum that teaches children the skills needed to be prepared for kindergarten. 

Through a variety of enriching experiences, children will be supported in all areas of development, with a particular emphasis on such traits as self-motivation, responsibility, and creativity.  This will be accomplished through The Beagle School working together with families to assure a safe and nurturing environment for each child. 

We offer classes for children ages 2-5, as well as a summer camp for children ages 3-5.  

Our two-year-old program takes place at 107 Circular St.  Our 3-5-year-old classes and summer camp takes place in our iconic school house at 115 Regent St.

We have limited space available for our 2019-2020 school year. 

Please contact Jessica at or 518-587-7507 to set up a tour and see what makes The Beagle School special!  

Please visit for more information.  

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