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Bring back the Great Bartender/Waitress Tray Races!!

Maybe an updated version like "The Great Hospitality Tray Race"... hmmm... anyway, what a fun and fabulous way to raise money for charity! How about a bi-annual? If you are too young to remember or are new to our lovely town, here is an excerpt from an old Gazette article found online from back in the day...

60 Bartender-Waitress Teams Set For Tray Race Sunday in Saratoga

SARATOGA SPRINGS – More than 60 two-person teams are expected to participate Sunday in the third annual Great Bartender Waitress Tray Race in Saratoga Springs.

The race will be run over a course from North Broadway to the Saratoga Springs Holiday Inn at Broadway and Circular Street. The event is scheduled to get under way at 2pm.

Each waitress and bartender relay team will carry a serving tray balancing four glasses of liquids. The race will be judged on speed, but entrants must finish the course with at least 25 percent of the liquid left in each glass at the end of the race.

Many of the contestants are expected to run the event in costume.

This year, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation will be the beneficiary of the race. In its first two years the event has raised more than $4000 for the Special Olympics and the March of Dimes.

National sportscaster Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder has contributed in the effort by producing several special radio promotional spots for the local race...

There was a $50 entry fee and establishments collected donations from their patrons.


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