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Celebrate Saratoga: "A HUGE Success"

SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY. - People were “dancing in the streets” of downtown Saratoga during the Downtown Business Association’s “Celebrate Saratoga” performance-driven event Thursday night.

Business owners and participants saying the event was a "huge success".

“The city is back in action, we see each other’s faces, the city continues to buzz,” lead performer Garland Nelson said as his Motown Tribute Ensemble: Reflections took the stage.

The event, presented by 4 Pillar Funding, kicked off at 6 pm on July 14th. Live music from eight performers playing at popular landmarks throughout downtown to celebrate Opening Day of the Saratoga Race Course.

“Thank you all so much for coming,” President of the Downtown Business Association Deann Devitt said before announcing the winners of the DBA’s annual Window Decorating Contest. Awards by NYRA.

Judges Cassie Hudson from NEWS10 ABC and TV Personality and Financial Consultant Scott Valentine congratulated Lifestyles on winning the contest.

“Boy oh boy, this one stopped us in our tracks, phenomenal for many different reasons. One for the creativity, but two for the message it really stood for,” Hudson shared.

“This is art, we are all seeing art in every different store,” Valentine said. “Art that stirs you on a visceral level is truly meaningful.” Valentine continued.

“We’re a team of women, 25 women on our staff, we are a women-owned and operated business..this was our interpretation of breaking through the glass ceiling,” Lifestyles owner Heidi Owen-West said.

Impressions came in second and G.Willikers’s, third.

Garland Nelson’s Motown Tribute Ensemble: Reflections triggered nostalgia, smiles, and lots of dancing as hundreds gathered around the stage located at the Bluebird Spa City Motor Lodge.

“It’s great to see the city population grow overnight,” Nelson said.

Jeannine Ouderkirk Duo greeted passersby with her jazzy vocals as they came into the south side of Broadway at the Saratoga Arts Building, while Dave Fisk’s Jazz Quartette welcomed the community on the north side, set up at the Adirondack Trust Building.

Local favorite Jeff Brisban took selfies with fans as he played near the steps of City Hall and Spa City Cafe.

Jes Hudak had fans clapping while they ate their ice cream as she shared some pop favorites at Ben and Jerry’s.

Whiskey River Band’s country music rang out from Caroline Street as locals set up chairs on the closed-off street.

Jacksland’s vocals had the buildings vibrating as a crowd gathered in front of Berkshire Hathway Realty at the Arcade Building to sing along.

Life Line singing along just a few feet away at Impressions.

Cafe Lena, known for its musical history, had Roosevelt Baker and JP Hubbs as well as Thor Jensen performing for the Celebrate Saratoga crowd.

“We work together,” Nelson said about all the bands, the businesses, sponsors, and DBA organizers.

“Together, we’re going to help Saratoga remind itself that we are a city to be reckoned with, and we can thank one of the oldest race tracks in America for that,” Nelson said.

Thank you to all our sponsors!


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