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Your Fall Wardrobe: 5 Experts Share Style Tips

By Ally Meyers, The Scoop Saratoga

It’s that time of year. When we open the windows, wake to the air a bit crisper, and hear the sound of the geese at sunrise… all reminders that fall is about to arrive. My husband refers to this time, just after the kids return to school, yet before the ACTUAL autumnal equinox, as “adult summer.” And although HIS enjoyment comes from one or two child-free boat rides on Lake George before the seasons change, my enjoyment comes mainly from the tweeds, wools, and layered looks that are filling my favorite fashion mags (what was InStyle in past seasons, as I currently mourn its print discontinuation). Fall is, by FAR, my favorite season, and I have fall fashion to thank for that.

My official wardrobe swap usually includes the schlepping of bins full of boots, jeans, and bulky sweaters up and down stairs. You’d assume that the wardrobe swap inconveniences me, but it doesn’t at all. Instead, it gets me super excited for the boot-centric outfits and thicker fabrics that I’ve been looking forward to all summer. This week I turned to some of our local style experts for tips on what we should have in our wardrobe this fall!

I started by asking Kristin Grosso, personal wardrobe stylist and image consultant (featured on the Scoop Saratoga in August), for some foundational wardrobing tips we could all use this fall. Kristin shared: “Many of the women I meet are under the impression that impeccably dressed women spend a tremendous amount of time planning their outfits. Not so! A well-organized closet (the right pieces grouped together for effortless decision-making) paired with sensible additions to your wardrobe each season will make dressing to the nines a breeze. You will never feel like your closet is full of nothing to wear, and well-put-together looks will become effortless.”

Simplifying your closet space and focusing on only this season’s wardrobe allows you to make the most out of what you own. Your pieces become more visible, and it’s that much easier to put together outfits. Self-storage is a great solution for keeping off-season clothing off-site until you need them again (think bulky sweaters and boots!) Prime Storage has a variety of storage unit sizes to work with your budget and wardrobe, conveniently located in our area and nationwide.

Kristin also shared that many women are hesitant to purchase clothing when they are trying to lose weight. She encourages women to “Dress as the beautiful person you are today. Feeling good in your clothing helps you to feel good about yourself, and that perpetuates healthy behavior.”

So, how about those sensible additions that Kristin referenced? I asked a few of our favorite downtown stylistas what they are swooning over this fall.

Laura Pileckas, owner of Violet’s in Saratoga recommends adding some cashmere to your closet this fall. She’s wearing a new favorite, the Riva Roll Neck Poncho from Crush Cashmere. The center mannequin is wearing the Fiji Maxi Kimono in Camel, a favorite for travel. On the right is the Prague 2.0 Sweater in white, another classic cashmere addition!